For me when I started Swan Song I wanted to celebrate the difference in speciality coffee. Which for me was the major factor in wanting to become more immersed in the industry and learn more.

As a company I’d like to see us revel and celebrate the underlying creative and punk ethos of speciality coffee.

More power in the hands of farmers and barista’s. More control given through sustainable agricultural practices on a farm level and further education at all points through the coffee chain.

Moving forward using creative approaches in how to introduce speciality coffee to a wider audience and create products we can be proud to sell to our audience.

I want the company to reflect the positive attitude and momentum . for change within the speciality coffee community. A place for barista’s to develop their own skills, knowledge and passion for coffee in a supportive environment.

Josh Wilson, Founder

SCA Authorised Speciality Trainer

2nd - SCA UK Brewers Cup 2019

Swan Song is a Carbon Literate Organisation

Sales Agent for Stronghold Technology