We love making great coffee, for people who love to drink it.


An Independently owned and operated Speciality Coffee Company.

Based in the Manchester, Uk.

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Training Space

Islington Mill


M4 4DE


Our Training Space is situated inside of the Islington Mill complex in Central Salford off Chapel St on Oldfield Road. Apart of the ever-evolving creative space, arts hub and community that thrives here.

The equipment used inside of the space is from top quality reputable manufacturers from the best coffee companies throughout the world.


SCA Course’s - Introduction to Coffee, Brewing and Barista Skill’s.

Private Event’s - Wedding’s, Business Event’s, Market’s & Festivals.

Workshop’s - Home Brewing and Pouring Latte Art.

Consultancy - Sourcing, Roasting, Setting Up & Growing.

Roasting Classes - Coming soon.


The space is perfect for teaching purposes. Comfortable, well lit and hygienic. Whether it’s the practical elements in the dedicated brewing, espresso and roasting work areas. Or, watching an educational presentation around the kitchen table with your fellow students. We are also home to ONE % Micro-lot’s who are the UK Distributor of Stronghold Technology in the United Kingdom.


Upcoming SCA Course’s, Classes, Event’s and Workshops.