014: La Cimbali Elective Grinder

The Elective

The Elective has been created to interact with La Cimbali’s most technologically advanced machines, in order to guarantee impeccable quality in the cup and maximum flexibility. The optimal pairing is with the M100 machine line. As part of the integrated Barista Drive System and Perfect Grinding System. 


What is the Barista Drive System?

An integrated system that facilitates the work of the barista by maintaining a dialogue between the machine and grinder-doser. This innovative technology guides the barista step by step through all the beverage preparation stages, from grinding the coffee to dispensing.

The Barista Drive System enables the on-demand, wireless grinder-doser to identify the coffee dose to grind (single or double), to dispense it and communicate this to the machine. This will enable only the button for this recipe and blend, so guiding the barista in button selection.

The system is extremely useful when there are several grinder-dosers with different coffee’s. The grinder-doser tells the machine which blend has been selected and indicates the appropriate coffee dosage. Only the buttons for the recipe compatible with the dispensed blend will light up, while the others are disabled, so preventing potential operator error.

What is the Perfect Grinding System?

This system, exclusive to Cimbali, provides constant control of coffee-dispensing parameters so the grinder-doser, connected to the machine via Bluetooth, automatically carries out any grinding and dosing corrections to ensure optimal, constant dispensing.

When for environmental reasons, a new coffee load, machine wear or other reasons the volume of coffee varies from the ideal, the machine instructs the grinder-doser to make a necessary correction in order to ensure optimal dispensing. As a result, baristas using traditional machines no longer need to make corrections manually.

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Who helped design this machine?

Valerio Cometti + V12 Design have been working with Cimbali Group since 2007. Some of their other clients being Ferrari, Ferrero & Riva 1920. Valerio Cometti bring together the sensitivity of a designer and the vision of an engineer. Which seems apparent after looking at the Elective and other products they’ve been involved with. Building on this strong bond: they’ve developed the product design, overseen certain communication and visual graphic areas. All the way up to the development of the prestigious MUMAC museum. Also, winning the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design.

In 2012, Valerio Cometti, together with architect Paolo Balzanelli, unveiled MuMaC, the largest museum of the history of coffee machines in the world in Milan: an imposing architecture to celebrate the 100th anniversary of LaCimbali.


The Features of The Elective

3 Grind Dosing Presets & Electronic Motor Grind Adjustment

The 3 grind dosing presets allows for a more seamless design with no fiddly knobs interfering with the clean curved aesthetic.

The electronic grind adjustments allows for you to make quick immediate adjustments with the touch screen interface. No unnecessary knobs and dials, which are inaccurate. Just a well considering interface that performs flawlessly and doesn’t cause you any stress at all.


The 4.3” Touchscreen display & Customisation

The 4.3” touchscreen display is easy to use and completely customisable. This starts with the look, the appearance, which is left to the discretion of the barista.
In just a few steps, you can adjust the Elective grinding setting, assign a specific dose to a colour using the in-built sensor, & add a custom image onto the touchscreen display for that personalised branding touch.


Red Coated Speed Burrs & In-built Cooling System 

64mm Red Coated Burrs. Red Speed to give that extra durability and performance without compromise. Designed by the La Cimbali’s Team and exclusively used on the Elective. Manufactured by their partner.

We all know that feeling when we’re working behind a busy bar and the espresso shot keeps running too quick and the burrs are piping hot. La Cimbali seem to have built the back panel to be slated to allow for increased airflow to enter the machine body on top of the in-built fan. This keeps the top quality red coated speed burrs at a more optimum temperature for an even particle distribution during service. Something That frustrates me.


Like all aspects with this grinder you can customise how often the fan engages and gives to further capabilities to really produce a top quality espresso by considering one of major factors that effects the taste of our espresso.
Smart and Easy Accessibility 

The Grinder is extremely easy to disassemble. With a few screws, you have access to the burrs. Making your cleaning easier and more time efficient than ever.  An issue that I’ve encountered with other reputable companies whose grinders aren’t nowhere near as simplistic in this very important aspect of maintaining quality. 

The grinder has an in-built cleaning guide to follow on the 4.3” touch screen that demonstrates this to the barista and explains the process. A great touch that is simple to follow and ideal for inexperienced staff members.