007: ZM Filter Takeover

Mazzer ZM Filter TAKEOVER at The Old Bank Residency by MULMAR FOOD SERVICES
I met Ivan Zergilli at the Brewers Cup heats this year who Mulmar kindly gave up their time to attend and sponsored the events We’ve kept in touch since and he’s kindly facilitated as Sales & Marketing Executive at Mulmar us the opportunity to have the Mazzer ZM Filter on the brew bar from 22nd May till 7th July.

This grinder was the sponsored grinder for all compulsory rounds at the SCA UK Brewer Cup this year. A competition we were fortune enough to place 2nd in the UK this week. All competitors from various well respected shops and roasters seemed to all be in agreement that this grinder was exceptionally good. So I thought it would be a great idea to see it behind the bar in Manchester and see how it compares.


These are the major points that makes the Mazzer ZM Filter special. After using it for 2 days we’ve really got excited about the features of this machine and I can’t help but smile each time I switch between grind distance presets. So here is why you should consider this grinder as the first choice for a coffee shop.

  1. ZM Filter Flat Burrs specifically designed for Grinding Filter Coffee (151f)

  2. The Lowest Coffee Retention ( <0.45g )

  3. Digital Grind Adjustment

    Control the distance between the burrs in microns so the grind setting is understandable, accurate and repeatable. This makes sharing grind sizes between locations far easier than in past times. Presuming the burrs are equally worn. (OUR FAVOURITE FEATURE)

  4. Electronic True Zero Calibration

    This feature ensure that the ZM grind settings are identical from grinder to grinder.

  5. Double Cooling System & Low RPM with excellent grinding speed.

    This aspect keeps the coffee grounds safe from temperature fluctuations preserving the maximum aroma.

  6. On-Demand Capabilities

    Thats right, it can be turned into an on-demand grinder that can be used for espresso with the (151f) Burrs designed by Mazzer for Espresso. Imagine taking your EK/Titus Setup and making it digital with saved preset grind sizes.

  7. Easy To Clean and Patented Lockable Canister to keep your counter clean.

    The digital display flips to the side to allow easy access to the grinding chamber for cleaning and burr replacement. The lockable canister is an inventive solution to the constant issue when grinding coffee.

We have a Malhkonig EK43 currently sat on our bar at The Old Bank Residency and an EK43s in our training room.

Though we love them. They annoy us.

They’re heavy, produce a lot of noise and mess. We have to recalibrate the burr’s often and it’s seen everywhere. I like going into a place doing thing’s a bit differently or using equipment not typically seen. It keeps thing’s fun and interesting.

The Mazzer seems to have thought of all the issues user’s find with the EK and looked to included these in the design. So far I’ve had a lot of fun giving my saved grind distance cool names that appear on the display. It’s an incredibly well thought out product that delivers on the promises it makes.


Anyone interested in demonstrations message us to book in a slot.

If you want to purchase this awesome piece of equipment - Click this link.

We look forward to grinding some exceptional coffee on the ZM and talking about the Mazzer ZM throughout June and into July. Pop in and see what’s happening.